differences between CBD THC

As experts in CBD products like pain management topicals, CBD oils and various other CBD formats, we at Koodegras are commonly asked a familiar question: What’s the difference between CBD and THC? Many have heard of THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana, and wonder how it compares to CBD.

The answer: There are several major differences, both in terms of the legality of these active ingredients, and the effect they will have on your body. Even if you think you’re well aware of these differences, it pays to understand the specific science and how these two compounds impact your bodily systems – here’s a quick primer on how CBD and THC differ in a few important areas.

differences between CBD THC

Psychoactivity and “High”

One of the primary differences between the two compounds is that THC has psychoactive properties while CBD does not. This difference speaks to the varying avenues in which these compounds interact with the human body.

Specifically, THC, or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is a compound that binds directly with specific receptors in the brain well known to produce a psychoactive effect. This is the “high” many are familiar with that comes from traditional forms of marijuana use – but not all people want that high.

This is where CBD, or cannabidiol, comes in. CBD does not bond directly with the same receptors as THC. Instead, CBD brings powerful therapeutic effects without any altered consciousness or “high” sensation. In fact, it has been shown in studies that CBD may inhibit THC from binding to its associated receptors in the brain thereby decreasing the “high” associated with marijuana and THC. While both compounds can have a significant impact on pain management and many other areas of human health, THC comes with a psychoactive effect, while CBD does not. Moreover, the “high” associated with THC often brings an increase in appetite (the munchies), which can often exacerbate the side effects and the psychoactivity of THC and marijuana.

Legality Areas

The other primary difference between these compounds is legality. Since the 2014 Farm Bill, CBD is federally legal across all 50 states. Moreover, since CBD is not a banned or psychoactive-inducing compound, it will not show up on a drug test. All drug tests are searching for THC, not CBD.

On the other hand, THC is illegal at a federal level. While more and more states are passing legislation for the medical and recreational use of legal marijuana, there remain impediments here – particularly at the federal level, where the substance remains a schedule I drug with no medicinal benefits (according to the government’s drug schedule regulations) along with the likes of methamphetamine, LSD, heroin, etc.

Looking Forward

Legality is an area that’s under regular scrutiny and change, however, including in upcoming election cycles. We’ve seen multiple states change their legality programs for THC within the last few years – including Utah, which now has a limited medical THC program for patients of certain qualifying conditions. For those who are interested in both sides of this spectrum, it will be prudent to keep an eye on public legislation and further developments in these areas over the next several years.

For more on the difference between CBD and THC, or to learn about any of our CBD store products speak to the staff at Koodegras today.

CBD’s bodily impacts uses

As many new users are introduced to CBD and its numerous benefits, there will be some percentage – like with any similarly beneficial substance – who don’t immediately notice quite the same results as others. Does CBD simply not work for these individuals, or are there other factors potentially at play?

At Koodegras, we’re here to tell you the answer is very much the latter. There’s a reason we offer a wide range of CBD products, from pain management topicals to sublingual oils, softgel capsules and many others: Different people respond to cannabinoids in different ways, and some may receive benefits through varying intake formats or methods than others. Here are some tips to help figure out how your body responds to CBD and how it can benefit you.

CBD’s bodily impacts uses

Affects Everyone Differently

For starters, as we noted above, it’s important to note that CBD is not designed as a one-size-fits-all solution. It will inter, act differently with each person depending on their body chemistry, physiology, and other factors.

Furthermore, there is no “sliding scale” or any similar theme. While there are certainly varying dosages of CBD that can be taken depending on your needs, there’s no guarantee that more or less of it will change your results – in many cases, the method of intake is more important than the dose size. If your initial experiences with CBD don’t yield the results you were looking for, speak to our pros about investigating different products or dosages.

Reputable Sources and Brands

One unfortunate potential reason some may not see the desired results from CBD: The manufacturer or brand is not reputable. Sadly, there are a number of so-called CBD manufacturers on the market who are selling low-quality or totally illegitimate products, masking them as beneficial treatment solutions. A major example of this that consumers should be weary of is products that are marketed and look and feel as though they are CBD products, when they are in fact just hemp oil products. There are literally countless examples of products on the internet that say something to the effect of “Organic Hemp Extract (1000mg)” and the price will be $70 or so. By all intents and purposes, this product looks and feels as though it is a CBD tincture with 1000mg CBD, but if you check the certificate of analysis (COA), you will find it might have 50mg of CBD, the other 95% is just hemp seed oil–which, although very beneficial, is most certainly not worth $70 when you can buy a bottle 5x the size at Walmart for $15.

Federal regulations for CBD are still coming around, which is why this sort of thing is still possible. Working with a name brand like Koodegras, with a reputation and history of quality products since 2015, is a must.

Dosage Changes

While we noted earlier that dosage isn’t everything when it comes to CBD, there are certainly some cases where it plays a role. Certain bodies need a greater quantity of cannabinoids than others to see results, for instance, or others might do well with CBD combined with a small dose of melatonin, a product we offer in our softgel selection. This is another area where our pros will be happy to make recommendations based on your needs.

Give it Time

Finally, in some cases you simply need to give your CBD medication a bit more time to show results. Ingestible CBD products, for instance, can take up to a week of consistent use before they show visible results. Our team will advise on how long you should be giving certain products before you wonder about the lack of results you’re seeing.

For more on understanding your body’s response to CBD, or to learn about any of our CBD oil and other products, speak to the staff at Koodegras today.

explaining CBD benefits family

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the general tactics to consider while explaining CBD usage to family members who might be new to this realm. Many are unfamiliar with CBD and its benefits, and some may even carry negative misconceptions about these products based on years of stigma surrounding these and related solutions.

At Koodegras, we’re proud to offer numerous CBD products, all THC-free and legally registered with the state of Utah, from various CBD oils to pain management topicals, gel capsules and many other types depending on your needs and preference of use. Much of part one of our series discussed the legality and safety areas of CBD use to family members – today’s part two will dig into the personal side, including defeating stigmas, respecting doubters and answering the questions that may be posed of you while explaining CBD usage to family.

explaining CBD benefits family

Share Experiences

For many old-fashioned family members, with ingrained opinions about CBD, THC and related elements, bringing them around to understanding your CBD use may be a bit difficult. One great method many have utilized is using personal experience to explain, in detail, how CBD products have benefitted you without creating other problems in the process.

For instance, explain how CBD products help reduce pain, limit anxiety/depression, increase or promote sleep, or several other areas. It’s also extremely valuable to note that, unlike marijuana products some might be associating CBD with based on stigma, you do not get “high” while using CBD. Some individuals may be reluctant to accept these claims from the general public, but when they come from a trusted personal source, they’re often viewed differently.

Prepare for Questions

Another near certainty during this process, especially if your family members were completely unfamiliar with CBD prior to this conversation: You’ll likely get some questions, and should be prepared to answer them where possible. You’ll often be asked about the differences between CBD and THC, or how hemp versus marijuana factors into this conversation. Many will inquire about the “high” and similar effects we discussed above, and in part one. While you don’t need to be an industry professional, here, doing some basic reading beforehand to ensure you have simple answers to common questions is a valuable use of time.

For example, it is wise to explain that industrial hemp is 100% legal to grow in the United States as it is primarily rich in CBD and has very little THC in it. On the other hand, marijuana is the exact opposite in that it usually has high concentrations of THC and low concentrations of CBD—therefore making marijuana illegal at a federal level, still. Even though some states allow residents to grow their own marijuana, the federal government still considers marijuana a Schedule 1 drug with no medicinal value. A rescheduling of all hemp/marijuana-related products is in desperate need at the federal level, as there have been numerous peer-reviewed studies showing the medicinal value of not just hemp and CBD, but also marijuana and THC (primarily for cancer and pain patients).

Respect Those in Doubt

Even if you do a great job explaining CBD’s benefits and how it has positively impacted you, enter this process with the knowledge that some may still doubt what you’re saying. Many have years and even decades of built-up stigma against these kinds of products. While it would be great if everyone came around to the basic realities of CBD, you may only arrive at an “agree to disagree” type situation in some cases.

For more on discussing CBD usage with family members, or to learn about any of our quality CBD store products, speak to the staff at Koodegras today.

explaining CBD benefits family

While we wish it were not the case, the simple reality is that many cannabidiol (CBD) products have a stigma attached to them by some portions of society. CBD is derived naturally from the Cannabis sativagenus or family of plants; yet, it has very different effects and potential health benefits than traditional marijuana, which is typically associated with the psychologically active compound tetrahydracannabidiol (THC. Unfortunately, because both CBD and THC are cannabinoids that ultimately derive from very similar plants, many lump them together or make damaging assumptions about their qualities.

At Koodegras, we’re proud to offer a variety of CBD products for those in need of the medicinal benefits associated with CBD. From our topical pain management products, to our THC-free, broad spectrum CBD oils, and a plethora of CBD products, we stand out from the crowd by providing experienced customer service and knowledge about CBD such that after a brief conversation regarding your current situation, we will point you to the best and most affordable option to relieve whatever symptoms you may be experiencing. For many who are beginning or increasing their CBD usage, explaining it to family members or spouses who are old-fashioned or perhaps view anything remotely related to Cannabis through a stigmatized lens can be challenging. However, it is important to take on this challenge and break through the stigma as cannabinoids have been scientifically proven to relieve many chronic symptoms while also improving your overall health while also being non-intoxicating. This two-part blog series will go over how to have these conversations with family members and educate them while also explaining your decision to use CBD.

explaining CBD benefits family

What It Is

For starters, you want to be able to explain to family members or friends precisely what CBD is and how it differs from THC. As discussed above, CBD is the acronym for cannabidiol, a compound found in cannabis plants – note, there are over 100 such known compounds in the marijuana plant, all loosely termed under the umbrella ‘cannabinoids’. So, CBD, CBG, CBN, THC, etc. are all acronyms for various cannabinoids that can be isolated from the marijuana or hemp plants. It is important to explain that while all of these various cannabinoids are found in both marijuana and hemp, these plants differ in the concentration of various cannabinoids. For example, hemp is highly concentrated in CBD whereas marijuana is typically highly concentrated in THC. Thus, all of the CBD used in our products come from 100% legal hemp, locally sourced, and extracted using supercritical CO2 which ensures the CBD you obtain from Koodegras will always be free of excess toxic solvents, heavy metals, microbials, and pesticides (all of which are tested for in our third-party lab).

The next major distinction that must be cleared up in this type of conversation is that while CBD and THC both come from very similar plants, THC is psychoactive and CBD is not. The ‘high’ users of marijuana experience comes from the high concentration of THC. However, whether you smoke CBD, ingest it, take it sublingually, topically, or any other method, you will NOT get ‘high’ nor will you fail a drug test. Now, it is extremely important to recognize that CBD suppliers and retailers often leave a little bit of THC in their products for two major reasons:

  1. It’s legal. By law, CBD products may contain up to 0.3% (wt.) THC in them. This is a very small amount of THC, and is highly unlikely to product any psychoactive effects although some people do indicate they feel a traditional ‘high’ when consuming this small amount of THC.
  2. It’s cheap! In order to remove all of the THC from a CBD-enriched oil requires extremely expensive equipment, a knowledgeable chemist or engineer, and expensive solvents and other laboratory consumables. Thus, purchasing a CBD product that is THC-free will typically be more expensive than one that leaves the legal amount of THC in it.

At Koodegras, we don’t sell any products that contain even the legal amount of THC. We believe in the healing and medicinal properties of CBD so much that we don’t want even the smallest amount of THC to produce a psychoactive effect from our products; nor do we want our customers to be in jeopardy of losing their job or otherwise getting in trouble by failing a drug test.

Safety, Health and Bodily Interactions

Both for this and several other reasons, it’s vital to convey to family members or anyone else concerned about your usage, that CBD is completely safe. In fact, just last year in 2019 the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved its first ever CBD product to be used in seizure patients. Moreover, the World Health Organization has concluded that it has no potential for abuse and cannot produce dependence, conditions that are worrisome in harmful addictive drugs. Recent clinical trials, in fact, concluded that CBD might be a potential treatment for opioid addiction.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to help control several regulatory and important bodily functions. Feel free to call or come into one of our retail outlets in order to speak to our CBD specialists for further detail on how it interacts with these receptors, the impacts this has on your body, and how CBD can assist in achieving your health goals.

Importance of Accurate Information

Throughout any conversation you have with family regarding CBD usage, it’s vital to promote accurate information. Part of the reason the stigma for CBD and other related compounds and products is misinformation that became widespread in previous generations, then was simply accepted as fact later on – don’t make this mistake. Be sure you know the true differences between CBD and THC, for instance, and utilize helpful resources like this one if you’re unsure.

For more on speaking to family members about CBD usage in a healthy and organic way, or to learn about any of our CBD oil store products, speak to the staff at Koodegras today.

CBD oils are one way to help relieve stress naturally without prescription medications.

Right now is a stressful time for many people in the U.S., with news about the coronavirus, shelter-in-place orders, and the stress of potentially being out of work for those who are unable to work from home to stay safe and reduce the spread of disease. That is in addition to other stress you already had in life—in fact, 79% of Americans reported feeling stressed on a regular basis. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued guidelines to help people cope with stress caused by all the news of the coronavirus, but many people are still feeling anxious about the future.

There are so many ways that stress can impact your body, and while there are some ways you can try to cope with it, not everyone wants to take prescription medications. These come with a myriad of side effects that can make some people feel worse than they did with the original stress.

CBD oils are one way to help relieve stress naturally without prescription medications.

Natural Remedies for Stress

Sometimes a more natural approach to stress management is better, and there are plenty of ways that people cope with stress that don’t involve prescriptions. Some of the most common include:

  • Daily meditation or yoga
  • Going outside on a hike or walk
  • Exercise
  • Journaling, writing, or art
  • Spending time with friends and family
  • Baths or other relaxation methods

While all of these things are great, they may not completely relieve stress in your life. Chronic stress that you can’t overcome can even start to affect you physically, leading to high blood pressure, risk of stroke, headaches, chest pain, and more.

CBD Oil as Another Natural Remedy

There is some evidence that CBD oil can help with anxiety and stress. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is the non-psychoactive part of a cannabis plant. It doesn’t product a feeling of being high like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), commonly known as marijuana. Instead, it is a natural ingredient found in the leaves of a cannabis plant that can be extracted.

Various studies have shown that CBD oil can be effective at reducing anxiety, particularly social anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress, panic disorders, and general anxiety. While stress and anxiety are not the same thing, the same calming effects that help with anxiety and related conditions may also be able to offer relief from everyday stress in a natural and non-habit-forming way. So far there are no negative health consequences associated with using CBD oil, although the research is limited because CBD oils are very new on the market.

The Koodegras website has information about various CBD oils that can help relieve stress and provide other benefits. Check it out today and let us know if you have any questions.

CBD has many benefits that have led to millions of people falling in love with these oils.

The Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (often referred to simply as the “Farm Bill”) legalized products containing cannabidiol (CBD), which is the non-psychoactive compound in the Cannabis plant known for its medicinal properties. Since that time, many people have discovered several ways that CBD oil can benefit health and have come to love this product. Here are just a few reasons you might fall in love with CBD oil as well.

CBD has many benefits that have led to millions of people falling in love with these oils.

CBD Oils Enhance Your Body’s Natural Systems

Your body actually produces certain cannabinoids on its own (endogenous cannabinoids), and has two distinct receptors for the various cannabinoids:

  • CB1 receptors are mostly found in the brain, and help you deal with things like movement, pain, mood, thinking, appetite, and memory functions
  • CB2 receptors are found in your immune system and have an impact on inflammation, homeostasis, and pain

While early CBD researchers believed that CBD attached to the CB2 receptors (and thus was able to help with inflammation and pain), they have since discovered that CBD oil actually directs your body to use more of the naturally-occurring cannabinoids that you are already producing. Because of that, it offers many health benefits without chemical interventions from things like prescription medication.

CBD Oil Can Alleviate Pain and Reduce Inflammation

If you have ever experienced chronic or acute pain, you may have tried prescription or over-the-counter medications to relieve the symptoms. Unfortunately, these medications often come with unwanted side effects, and some of the most commonly used opioid painkillers have proven to cause addiction that can lead to serious harm and even death.

CBD is a natural alternative, and some studies have shown it may reduce inflammation that contributes to chronic pain, without prescription or over-the-counter medications. There are countless anecdotes of people weening themselves off of their often expensive or addictive prescription pills simply by incorporating a substance our bodies naturally use and produce, CBD oil.

CBD Can Help You Quit Smoking and Opioid Painkillers

It may seem strange that a compound often linked with marijuana can help you get off drugs, but CBD oils have shown some promise in helping people quit smoking, and also assist in reducing the symptoms of drug withdrawal that can make it hard to quit medications like opioid painkillers.

CBD May Reduce Anxiety

People who suffer from conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), general anxiety disorder, panic attacks, or social anxiety may discover that CBD oils may reduce anxiety-related behaviors without some of the negative side effects and symptoms of current medications most often prescribed to treat these conditions. Since side effects cause many people to stop using prescription medications, having a natural, effective alternative can significantly improve a person’s ability to treat anxiety.

Find out more about the benefits of CBD oils and why the small-batch, artisanal products from Koodegras are the preferred product for many people seeking relief.

CBD oil shops are everywhere but how can you find a reputable place to buy it?

CBD oils seem to be popping up everywhere after a 2014 bill made it legal to sell and consume it in the U.S. But what is CBD, where can you find it, and how do you know if you’re buying it from a reputable shop? Here are a few tips to help you better understand the benefits of CBD oil and how to make sure you’re getting exactly what you expect from the places you shop.

CBD oil shops are everywhere but how can you find a reputable place to buy it?

CBD is Not the Same as THC

CBD is the commonly used term for cannabidiol, which is a natural oil that comes from the cannabis plant (yes, the same plant as marijuana). However, it’s important to note that while they are derived from the same source, marijuana and CBD are not synonymous. The cannabis plant Cannabis sativa has over 100 chemical compounds (cannabinoids). One of them is tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which is the psychoactive compound that causes people to feel “high” when they use marijuana and is different from cannabidiol.

CBD oil, while derived from the same plant, does not contain any THC and therefore does not have the same psychoactive effect when used. For that reason it has become a popular choice for people who want the benefits like pain relief that can come from cannabis, but do not want the potential mind-alternating effects.

Finding the Right CBD Oil Shop

Unfortunately not everyone selling CBD oil is necessarily a reputable company. In some cases that could mean getting a product with more or less CBD oil than is advertised on the product label, but in other cases it could lead to larger issues. There are plenty of instances where poor manufacturing controls lead to trace amounts of THC in CBD oil, which could have a negative impact on the person taking it, or could even show up on a drug test.

It’s important not to let the scary stories deter you from the benefits that CBD oil can offer. Buying from a reputable company can help you avoid the pitfalls of unscrupulous CBD oil sales. Check for a shop that offers these things:

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil rather than CBD isolates, with compounds like proteins, fatty acids, chlorophyll, fiber, and flavonoids
  • Third-party testing to ensure the accuracy and safety of the product
  • Owners and employees with knowledge of hempseed oil and CBD oil benefits and uses to help you find the correct products for your needs
  • Certified 100% THC-free formulations so you won’t fail a surprise drug test at work
  • Small-batch and artisanal products that meet your specific needs
  • Strict quality standards

CBD oil can offer many benefits when you get the formulation you need and the highest quality oils available. Visit a Koodegras store in Sandy, Millcreek or Fort Union today to see why we’re the leader in CBD oils in Utah.

CBD oils can help boost your chances of success with New Year’s resolutions this year.

It’s that time of year again, when you start to think about the things that you want to improve on. Millions of people decide to set New Year’s resolutions, but many of the most common resolutions are challenging to achieve (at best). However, this year you may have a secret weapon to help you keep more of your resolutions: CBD oil. This non-addictive and non-psychoactive oil derived from the hemp plant won’t produce a high, but can have significant health benefits you should know about as you embark on another year of resolutions.

CBD oils can help boost your chances of success with New Year’s resolutions this year.

1: CBD Oil Improves Sleep

Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions revolve around health—exercise more, eat healthier, and lose weight. If any of these things are on your list of resolutions this year, sleep plays a critical role in all of them. When you sleep better, your body is prepared for more intense exercise, and a lack of sleep can leave you craving sugars and high-fat foods, according to a study by Northwestern University. CBD oils reduce anxiety and stress, making it easier to sleep soundly through the night, resist junk food cravings during the day, and wake up rested and ready for a workout.

2: CBD Oil Suppresses Your Appetite

When you hear “cannabis” you may be worried that CBD oil, like its psychoactive cousin marijuana, could increase your appetite, often referred to as “the munchies.” In fact, the opposite is true. CBD oil is a natural appetite suppressant and could help boost your weight loss efforts.

3: CBD Oil Reduces Inflammation and Pain

The stress that a workout puts on your body can cause inflammation. Even if you’re an avid workout enthusiast, this inflammation can make it challenging on your body to recover for tomorrow’s workout. A study on mice in a London laboratory revealed that CBD reduced inflammation by as much as 50 percent. It can also be a powerful pain reliever when used topically or taken internally before and/or after a workout. If pain and inflammation are holding you back from your resolution to exercise more, CBD can help.

4: CBD Oil Can Help You Quit Smoking

Along with weight loss and healthy eating, another common resolution in the new year is to quit smoking. It’s a worthy goal to have, since smoking significantly increases your chance of developing lung cancer, and other chronic diseases. Newsweek highlighted two studies that revealed CBD reduced smoking by 40 percent compared with a placebo. This oil is also a welcome alternative to smoking cessation drugs that often include unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

If you’re ready to crush 2020, CBD oil can help. Check out the selection of oils available at Koodegras today and let us know if we can answer any of your questions.

CBD products for pet

CBD products for pets can help support the health and well-being of dogs, cats and many other domestic animals.

A variety of research is underway to determine all the ways that cannabidiol, and other cannabinoids, can benefit pets but preliminary research and anecdotal evidence supports using CBD for conditions ranging from arthritis and epilepsy to pain and cancer.

Choosing the right CBD product(s) for your pets is important both in terms of preventative medicine for your pet as well as to provide relief from painful/harmful conditions. Here are some of the most common products you’ll find to help keep Fido and Fluffy happy and healthy.

CBD products for pet

No. 1: CBD Products to Support Pets’ Joint Health

Many dogs suffer from joint problems, arthritis and other orthopedic challenges. Joint health can be supported by using cannabidiol products designed for pets.

Specifically, Koodegras Pet Drops, which is nano-CBD suspended in water for maximum absorption, allows you to deliver a specific dose and adjust according to your results. In addition to oils and tinctures, you can also choose CBD pet treats, soft chews and supplements meant to be incorporated into your pet’s food.

You can also select joint health topical creams, gels and roll-ons, as well as CBD capsules. Although you should consult with your veterinarian first, many pet owners report having good results when using cannabidiol in conjunction with other joint supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin. We offer a wide array of products to suit any pet owner’s needs.

No. 2: Pet CBD for Fear & Anxiety

Pet owners everywhere are reporting great results when using CBD to control anxiety, fear and depression in their pets. Cannabidiol can have a significant calming effect for animals that experience stress from thunderstorms, loud noises, traveling and other stress-triggering events.

You can find products designed to help deal with other behavioral challenges, including separation anxiety, obsessive behaviors, barking and more.

No. 3: CBD Pet Shampoos & Grooming Products

CBD shampoos, lotions, creams etc. help humans enjoy softer, shinier hair and healthy skin. And now your pet can enjoy many of these same benefits, too.

CBD pet shampoos and grooming products can help with skin issues such as dryness and itching. These products can also help keep your pet’s coat looking and feeling great. With antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, you can keep your dog or cat looking as good as they feel.

Before giving any type of over-the-counter treatment or supplement to your pet, it’s best to consult with your veterinarian. This is especially important if your pet is currently taking any medications or is under a vet’s treatment for any specific condition.

The other important consideration is where to obtain the best CBD for pets. When not designated for human use, few legal restrictions or requirements are in place for cannabidiol products. As a result, unethical sellers may sell counterfeit products or even products that are contaminated with dangerous substances.

To ensure you’re getting high-quality CBD products for your pets, find a trusted seller. In Utah, that’s Koodegras. We have locations throughout northern Utah, including Millcreek, Fort Union and Sandy. You can also browse our website for more information about the best pet CBD products for your furry family members.

CBD products for dry skin

Our Utah winters are as cold and dry as it comes, and the damage this weather can inflict on your skin is brutal. This is especially true if, like us, you enjoy being out on the slopes skiing, snowboarding and playing in the snow with family and friends. Even your house becomes a major source of skin irritation as running your furnace takes critical moisture out of the air.

Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer another winter of dry, cracked skin (or lips). CBD-infused lotions, salves, lip balms and other products are just the ticket for protecting your skin from the perils of winter.

CBD products for dry skin

The Importance of Winter Skin Care

The primary reasons we concern ourselves with caring for the skin during the colder months are comfort and aesthetics.

Dry skin can quickly become itchy and flaky. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it can be unsightly too. Red, scaly knuckles, crusty elbows and flaky skin are never something we want to experience, if we can avoid it.

Left untreated, dry skin can become a medical concern. Cracked skin can allow infection and inflammation to take hold, potentially requiring medical treatment from your doctor.

Fortunately, you can avoid all this discomfort and hassle by taking care of your skin this winter.

Why CBD Products Are Effective for Winter Skin Care

Most lotions and traditional topical products used in the treatment of dry skin can only help in one, limited way. Essentially, they add moisture (water) to the skin and hold it there using products known as occlusives. Occlusives are heavy, oily ingredients that prevent water from evaporating off your skin as quickly.

Hint: petroleum jelly (Vaseline) was the occlusive of choice of our grandmothers and their mothers.

So, as long as you have this heavy, greasy layer on your skin, you can assume it’s keeping a bit of water under there, on your skin surface. Little, if any of the moisturizers in traditional lotion can successfully penetrate the skin, so the treatment is purely topical.

CBD products care for your skin in a different way. Cannabinoid molecules are particularly small, allowing them to penetrate the skin more easily. Cannabinoids also have powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic properties. So, not only can CBD lotions, salves, balms and other CBD-derived skin care products effectively moisturize the skin, they can also help support you in your quest to keep your skin healthy and alleviate discomfort.

What CBD Skin Products Are Best for You?

Everyone’s skin is different. During the winter, cold, dry air may cause your skin to become red, dry and flaky. Sometimes, however, these environmental conditions can cause your skin to generate excess oil, in an attempt to compensate for dryness.

You can try a variety of CBD lotions, skin creams and salves to see what works best for you. Or you can talk to an expert – like the experienced team at Koodegras.

With convenient store locations in Sandy, Fort Union, and Millcreek, Utah, Koodegras, specializes in small batch, boutique formulations and artisanal CBD products. Our staff of experts is always on hand to answer your questions and assist you in choosing the right products for your needs. We offer numerous products specifically engineered to promote young, healthy, moisturized and well balanced skin. Contact us or stop by today to learn more about our many CBD lotions, creams, balms and salves for assistance in keeping your skin healthy all winter long.