A Trusted Source for Your Top-quality CBD Specialty Needs

Koodegras is a CBD Oil Shop serving customers all over Salt Lake County. We are your top source for everything CBD-related. Learn all you can about this amazing plant, which is a natural jack of all trades, and gain all the benefits CBD oil has to offer.

Our products are made from proprietary blends that are 100% THC-free. We have partnered with a third-party lab that tests our CBD products for safety and accuracy.

CBD: A Natural Compound

CBD is a naturally occurring compound of the hemp plant. People mix it with a carrier oil to create CBD oil. CBD is also the second-most-active ingredient of cannabis (marijuana). Unlike the most well-known cannabinoid — THC — CBD isn’t psychoactive. This means taking it won’t make you high.

As a therapeutically potent and non-intoxicating alternative to THC, those who are cautious to try out cannabis for the first time consider CBD an appealing treatment option.

We’ve been serving CBD oils and products in Salt Lake County including Millcreek, and Sandy. Call us for more information about our products.

I love CBD for my mental health especially when consistent with it. Thank you koodegras 👌🏿🌙🌎👽
Grant England
Grant E.
I had the best experience! I asked about some lotion and they had options for chronic pain (which I needed) or other options. They also had bath bombs which smelled so amazing and in many different scents. Staff is super friendly and helpful. I will definitely go back and see what else they have. Their products are great quality!
Alisha Martinez
Alisha M.
My order of a 60mg CBD bath bomb arrived super fast! It was carefully wrapped and arrived without any cracks or crumbling. The cucumber lavender scent is lovely- so fresh. The bath bomb is a pretty lavender- mint green swirl color with little bits of real lavender in it. I took a nice relaxing bath. Definitely recommend!
Jessica Trimble
Jessica T.
Ordered a bath bomb online for delivery and it got here within two days. It was super quick and one of the best bath bombs I’ve ever tried it was my first CBD oil bath bomb and I don’t know if it was the CBD or their bath bomb recipe itself but I did notice a difference from multiple bath bombs that I’ve tried. My skin felt softer after using it and it smelled fabulous. The color of the bath was also so deep I was worried about it staining my tub but it didn’t stay in my tub or skin. I totally recommend this product!
Darcy Partridge
Darcy P.
I had a coupon for a free bath bomb so ai dexided to check it out. Right before the light so easy to get to- however the parking lot is only a few spaces and connected to another building that would make maneuvering anything bigger than a compact car rather tricky. Hopefully that doesn't happen often.I went through the door on the left as requested. No windows to look inside. Bell rings when you enter so they can come through the back to help you. Small setup but they certainly have a ton of options.Accepted my free bath bomb and decided to buy another. 100mg of CBD in them. One is specific to helping with pain which the guy said is popular. Then I purchased the coconut mango for $14. I thought that was pricey since I have never paid over $5 for a bath bomb. But it seems promising. The man running it was polite and friendly. Seamless experience from beginning to close. If the bathbombs are better than those I have tried before, then I will come back. They did have other CBD stuff though that also seemed cool.
Kaylee Petersen
Kaylee P.
Wow. First time being in any type of CBD shop and I am blown away. Staff was very helpful and informative. Lots of information about each little part of every process of ingestion. Had helped reduce my day to day stress from long work weeks. If you haven’t given it a try I would recommend.
Alan Kuzmanovic
Alan K.
Go to this shop and Go see Red. I went in with questions about my pets and my personal pain and anxiety. Red met me with patience, understanding, and top notch customer service. I will be back for sure.
Nick West
Nick W.
Diane is awesome, she was so helpful and got me an amazing deal . Thank you Diane i will recommend everyone i know
Corena Chhat
Corena C.
Very knowledgeable and friendly staff I’m excited to try all the different products I got today
Joan Marzo
Joan M.
Great Service!! Great Product!!
Alisha Worth
Alisha W.
Sariah is fabulous!!! Very knowledgeable and helpful.. We will continue to come back!!
D Locke
D L.
Got what I needed!
Cherokee Jeeper
Cherokee J.
Very nice environment, friendly and Always willing to help 😊
leslie florian
leslie F.
Friendly & super helpful. They took the time to listen to us and recommend flavors and products to try. This is my favorite location in the franchise!
Rose Yazzie
Rose Y.
Very knowledgeable and they go above and beyond to help with all questions one might have.
Susan Camomile
Susan C.
I've been to the sandy location 3 times and every time it's been a great experience. The staff is very helpful and no pressure to buy stuff. They listen and offer advise will be going back more often new fav. Store
Heather Ferguson
Heather F.
Very knowledgeable and good customer service
Laura Scott
Laura S.
Great product and friendly staff
John Trafelet
John T.
I’ve been using their products for years - it’s seen me through full Acl/Mcl surgery and recover instead of using the prescribed oxycodone! It also helped with chronic migraines and sleep! (I’m a insomniacSariah was super friendly and knowledgeable in finding the products right for you!
Jessica Gallegos-Ryan
Jessica G.
Sariah was very helpful and knowledgeable
Keith Simpson
Keith S.
We stoped by on a whim, and I am so glad we did. Sariah was very knowledgeable about CBD for pets. We were giving our dog the oil but changed to the drops after Sariah explained about absorption rates. My older dog is 13 and for the last few days has had no problem getting into and out of my truck again. We also picked up some chewable treats to give him a boost after play dates. It great to see him moving around like his old self again. I can’t say thank you enough!
Samantha Wright
Samantha W.
I have been shopping here for a while and love it. They have good product and staff is excellent.
Bonnie Bills
Bonnie B.
Like many others here that have left a review for Koodegras CBD Oils in Sandy, I was absolutely clueless when I walked in to see about getting help for my fiance and her "gut" troubles. Now I am positive that the person behind the counter that everyone mentions and praises for helping them understand CBD oils and feel comfortable in their purchase is SARIAH!! Sariah is Awesome! She quickly and effortlessly makes you feel welcome and puts your mind at ease in understanding the which product is right for you! I haven't even tried my CBD oil purchase yet but I'm definitely excited and positive that I made the right decision, and know that I will be back MAINLY because of Sariah's help and knowledge of the vast selection of Oils for anything that ails you! She even ran out to my car in the parking lot to hand me a sample of their CBD Topical Salve that I had completely forgotten about! Can't wait to try it for my back and leg pain, Koodegras is now my only source for CBD products! Thanks Sariah!
Sean Marcelis
Sean M.
They are knowledgeable and amazing to work with best place ever.
Jaynne Anderson
Jaynne A.
i had the most amazing and pleasant experience today at koodegras. i’ve never purchased cbd before but needed something to calm my anxiety since i just recently quit smoking cigarettes and i thought i’d give cbd a try! the clerk with the brown hair was so personable i wish i had gotten her name for this review but she is amazing at her job. she is extremely knowledgeable of the products they carry and made amazing recommendations and made me feel very welcome and comfortable. i have never received such amazing customer service before. i will definitely be returning to this shop.
I am blown away by the great service I received today. I'm from out of town so I had no idea what to expect from an Utahan CBD shop. On top of the incredible selection, the pricing was incredibly reasonable for top shelf CBD. If that wasn't enough, the (are they called budtenders here? lol) woman that helped me, Lini, was beyond helpful and kind. She helped me find something even better than I was thinking. She definitely went above and beyond for me and I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you Lini!
Kira Crowley she-they
Kira Crowley S.
I can't say enough about the wonderful products this business has. My dogs are my children and the canine CBD oil is an amazing product. We had a severe thunderstorm recently and two of my hounds were terrified. I could not Comfort them or calm them down. I procured several bottles of the canine CBD oil from the marvelously helpful Michael Bingham. I gave my babies a few drops of this wonderful product and within 30 minutes they were no longer trembling and cowering. Thank you so much to the wonderful staff and owners of Koodegras. Your formulas are amazing and I would recommend you a thousand times over. It is so nice to be able to deal with a company that creates their own products in house and is so caring and knowledgeable.
Merranda Bratcher
Merranda B.
Well I am a CBD virgin. this was my first time in shop and it absolutely blew my mind. I couldn't believe how many different products are available and how they help different parts of the body and was mind. Sarah was mosts superb in answering all of my questions and educating me. I had a lot of questions and she was very patient and knowledgeable. I ended up spending almost 2 hours there. It was one of the most satisfying and gratifying shopping experiences I've had in many many years? five stars! Thank you for all the personal attention Sarah,I look forward to discussing my CBD journal with you next time!
Tony Lambert
Tony L.
The owner has a degree in chemistry. Academic smarts aside, he is a descent human being. Great products. Great people!
Robin Peng
Robin P.
Extremely helpful and friendly service
Taylor Titcomb
Taylor T.
Love there CBD oils. There 3rd party tested so there is no THC in them. There No 9 pain bomb roller ball works great on my neuropathy pain and my dad's back pain. There pain bath bombs also works great.
Leesa Dyer
Leesa D.
Super nice Inside! and really helpful and friendly staff I definelty will go back.Check it out
Maria Lewandowski
Maria L.
Walked in with zero knowledge about CBD an Zachary was such a help and answered all my questions. The staff is so friendly and helpful, will definitely be returning. Amazing prices as well. Love them!
Dasha Puchkovsky
Dasha P.
Very helpful and friendly! Love this place
Zayettcy Duarte
Zayettcy D.
We were helped by Zachary. We don’t know much about CBD but Zachary was very knowledgeable and helped us find what we were looking for.
Aly Billings
Aly B.
They're oils work so well!
Becca Call (Becky)
Becca Call (.
Great friendly staff, very knowledgeable on their product. The salve has helped my pain in my feet and back!Zack, thank you for your help!
They have lots of choices to choose from.
Oma Becca
Oma B.
The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and explained the benefits of CBD in a way that a newbie like me could understand. I've struggled with Eczema for years and nothing has helped until now. The swelling has gone down and I've noticed a huge improvement in my anxiety. Koodegras helped educate me about something that ended up being truly life changing!
Sarah Friedrichs
Sarah F.